June – Zoology scribble and bites

Dr. Stephanie K. Courtney Jones

Heron addicts – When bird watching becomes a battle

Avian Evans and I have been battling it out for the Commonwealth Bird Battle, friendly banter between two bird nerds abroad. Heron Addicts explores the seemingly innocuous world of twitchers, but surprisingly sometimes the talons come out and feathers and binoculars go flying.

via Heron addicts — Lateral Magazine

Grey herons (Ardea cinerea) fighting over fish prey. Porvoo, Finland – Image credit Markus Varesvuo

Sea dragons

I often spend the summers snorkelling around the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia) looking for the Weedy Sea Dragon. So far no luck, but I will keep trying, in lieu of this Squidtoons have put together a great infographic (think comics with lots of cool facts) on the ever elusive Sea dragon.

via Gimme Babies or Gimme Death – Squidtoons

Weedy Sea dragon – Image credit: australiananimallearningzone.com

The heat is on

A changing climate means…

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