About me


I like fish…a lot. You can see more of my marine research at Fish Thinkers.

All the other incidental details are below.

I am a PhD student at the University of Wollongong and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

My PhD aims to examine the ecology of soft sediment fish assemblages in temperate waters of South Eastern Australia. I use Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVs) to identify and compare fish communities found on temperate soft sediments, including in NSW marine park sanctuary zones (no-take zones), habitat protection zones (recreational fishing allowed) and areas outside of the marine park (that are targeted by both recreational fishers and commercial fishing vessels). In addition, I am using acoustic tracking to investigate issues surrounding the movement patterns of key soft sediment fishes.

I have a deep(pun alert) interest in sustainable fishing and marine ecology. I am a member of a number of professional associations including , AMSA, SCB, EcolAuS, FSBI and I am on the Australian Society for Fish Biology executive as a student rep. This year I am also part of the organising committee for the ASFB 2017 annual conference and am helping run the ASFB Student Competition in Science Communication awards. I am a recreational fisher and a co-founder of ‘The 17th best fishing club in Australia’ and founded Beach Clean Ups with a group of friends.I also have a long held interest in Native Australian Fish and am a member of ANGFA, among my many ‘non-aquatic’ interests are lion and African wild dog ecology and conservation.

Academic record:

2012 – Present: PhD student at UOW and NSW DPI

2011: Marine Science Honours (First Class), Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong.

2008-10: BA Marine Science, Marine Biology Major, University of Wollongong.

Marine Science Honours Prize 2011.

Deans Merit List University of Wollongong 2011.

Successful grants and funding disclosure 

2016 – Save Our Seas Foundation Research Grant Aus $12,200 – Shark aerial surveillance workshop.

2014 – SWRRFI funding for acoustic tracking in Jervis Bay. AUS $9,923

2014: Threatened and threatening: governing sharks for conservation and human safety (Global Challenges Strategic Funding, University of Wollongong) Gibbs L, Rees M, Fetterplace L, Hanich Q, Warren A. AUS $5,000

2013 – AWS University Grant 2013 AUS $1000

2012 – ESA University Research Grant AUS$ 1000


Winner ASFB Student Science Communication Awards  senior category 2016 (My entry)

Winner of The Nature Conservancy Applied Conservation Award 2014 – $9000

UoW Biology Postgraduate Conference 2014: Best Talk whole organism,  Runner-up conference wide.

UoW Global challenges 2014: Successful Travel Scholarship Video Entry -$2000

Janet Cosh Herbarium Award/Internship 2010.

Obtained a PhD Scholarship (Australia Postgraduate Award, 3.5 years) 2012.

ESA Highly Commended Award, Applied Ecology prize 2012.


Kye Adams 2015. “Quantifying movement and abundance patterns of the incidentally caught Eastern Fiddler Ray, Trygonorrhina fasciata (Batoidea): implications for no-take marine reserves”   Honours Thesis, University of Wollongong (Honours First Class) 

PhD Supervisors:

A/Professor Andy Davis (University of Wollongong)

Dr Nathan Knott (Fisheries, NSW Department of Primary Industries)

The Fish Thinkers


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Lachlan,
    I am a teacher at Wollongong Performing Arts High School, next year we are undertaking a cross curricular program on conservation and would be interested if you were available for a school visit to talk about your work and conservation during Term 4 in 2015?

  2. Hi Lachlan, I just sent you an email, I am studying blue-spotted flathead too and would love to chat about your findings and potentially organise a collaboration if you are interested! Cheers Krystle

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