Media & Science Communication

Co-founded marine scicomm initiative Fish Thinkers Research

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Discovery Channel Shark Week 2017:  ALIEN SHARKS: STRANGER FINS (– Airing Monday, July 24 at 10PM ET/PT)

Captured the footage of sawsharks in the wild used in the program,  a member of the expedition to find and track sawsharks and appear in the program.

Photo Fetterplace @fish_thinkers

Photo Fetterplace @fish_thinkers

Discovery 2

Interview on youth radio program Lab Rats talking acoustic tracking and marine science 2017

Talking Flathead on WAVE FM


Ecological Society of Australia – Ecology Photos Annual Competition

2017 – 1st place in when no one is watching – remote camera category

2016 – 3rd place in when no one is watching – remote camera category


South Coast Underwater Research Win News Interview 2017

Save Our Seas- Shark Aerial Patrols project page and media updates


Scicomm Mondays Pod Cast Interview:

University of Wollongong website front page story/video November 2014 – Interview with Matt and Lachlan plus underwater video footage.

Fishing for answers

Win News September 2014 – Interview with Lachlan and Matt.

CONNECT: UOW Magazine November 2014– Interview with Lachlan and Matt.Connect UOW mag NOV14

Research and Innovation News UOW July to September 2014– Profile Lachlan.

research and inno sept 2014

Fish Habitat Workshop Wollongong  September 2014 – invited speaker.


Ecological Society of Australia: The Nature Conservancy Applied Conservation Award 2014 – Round up of Lachlan’s research.

Illawarra Mercury October 8th, 2014- “Something Fishy about Lachlan’s conservation award’.

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The vast unknown: assessing the conservation of soft sediment fish diversity. Australian Wildlife Magazine  Vol 4- Spring 2013.